Don Don Donki a uncle review

Yoz all the yandao and chio char bor!! Long time no update my blog, hahah Uncle Ang ish back Liao!

Been sibei busy lo, anyway today I decided to go to the 24Hrs Japan Thrift Store Don Don Donki, waaa shiok sia, alot of makan and ho Liao, so I as a lobang uncle must share with you all la!!

Must get item there!! Freshly bake Japanese sweet potato, $2 nia

You buy raw one from there need $4.90

But hor must be ready to queue ah, and the moment it’s out, people snatch Liao, so must chop chop queue!!

The smell of freshly baked sweet potatoes filled up the shopping area, smell already saliva also drop out ah!

Potatoes are dam shiok! Piping hot and the flesh simply melts in your mouth, sibei smooth and very little veins!!

After you cha(eat) finish your tok gong(powerful) you energy up Liao like ultraman ready to phew phew go shopping Liao, they have a lot of sibei rare stuff that you normally don’t see la

Raw packet ready to eat shoyu ramen at $7.90 nia lei, you anyhow go restaurant eat ah $11 to $15 lei, somemore at home shake leg eat!!

Wow this one not bad sia, heard of cheese cake, how bout unbaked cheese cake, nice sia!! $17.80, abit exp la but how once awhile must pamper yourself ma, not everyday can see lei

Apart from that rare find, they have tons of different Bento, too bad I came abit late la, sad… All almost bo Liao, here are some still available. Ohya those who goes on diet can try their fruit sandwiches sio, sure slim down lol

Christmas coming want feel atas for your guest not? Buy this salmon la, what super wuhua sia!! See the price!!

Wagyu beef also available at super duper reasonable price sia!! Look at the marbling!! Chinese New eat steamboat also buy together la 

Dun say bo jio ah!! Wahaha heard of takoyaki right? How bout sibei tau (big) takoyaki!!! Like 8 cm sia !!

Also dun miss out on the croquettes!!

$7.90 nia!! Alot sia

Wat lao so many thing to see sia!! No time take pictures, here are some other special stuff, drip kopi ! $5.50 for 24 packs nia lei, outside one cup $2 to $3 Liao!!!

Also dun forget the rice mix at $1.70 nia outside sell $2 to $3

Don’t wait Liao la, this is just the tip of the iceberg, hurry go down now!!

It’s located at 

Orchard Central, B1 & B2, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238896

24hours one, now take grab or uber la!! Gogogogo


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