Pokemon Go! How do people cheats!

Ever Wonder why some user had so many dragonite, lapras or snorlax? This might be how they do it.

If you all had read my older post you would have already seen how to play pokemon even before its released in Singapore.

After some research i decided to tell you what are the cheating methods that people used for cheating, i’m not going to share the links but you can easily google them!

Warning i am not responsible for the ban of your account if you decided to cheat!


  • Its one of the most primitive methods for cheating, iphone user can dl modified apps from a Chinese website and you will automatically start from a location oversea, you can move around using a controller
  • As for android user, you can download and gps scrambler app, which tricks the phone of your current location.
  • Some user combined with pokevision (closed website) teleports to specific areas where mystic pokemon are, to catch them all!


As the title described, this is a much more advanced method, download a program and input your account details and coordinates you want to be.

Basically the bot will do all the hard work, moving around the map, spinning pokestops and catching pokemons while you stay at home to shake leg!

You can reach level 20 in less than half a day!


What’s pokesnipping you might ask? Its a combination of a program script and the use of a website.

The website will tell you the coordinates of a certain pokemon, you keyed in the names and the coordinates, the bot will automatically teleport there to catch for u!

User online actually make use of this method as a business opportunity!

Egging a gym,

 This is the latest cheating method, its the most underhanded despicable method, other cheats just alter a user personal experience, this just ruined the whole game for others!

Cheaters can actually plant an egg inside a gym, nobody can take over it, as eggs has 0 cp, the holder o the gym and its teammates can gain pokecoin everyday as long as the egg is there.

These are all the cheating methods i heard of, feel free to pm me if there are others!


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