City Sq Mall! Best Deals! Giant curry rice, sports gear and more!

City Square mall located at 180 Kitchener Rd, may look like your usual mall, but don’t say uncle bei steady bo jio! There’s some hidden gems and bargains u dunno sio!

Th first hidden gem is GOEN Japenese UDON noodles. Located at lv 4 food republic, they serve very wu hua/big (value for money) portions of curry rice, cheaper than monster curry!

Look at their price! Waa so cheap compare with other japenese restaurant! 

Haben eat already drool liao!

Ordered the tonkatsu omelette curry rice, so big plate and so much meat for $9.90 nia! Add one potato croquettes for only $1 ! Good buy la! Enuff for 2 person sio!!

The Tonkatsu tasted great, its quite moist and not overly cooked. Egg is smooth and silky. Curry is just nice!!

Now got competition! Do you dare challenge anot?!

Another gem is Decathon located at Lv2, its like your usual sport gear shop but half the price!

WAA! Mini backpack for $3.90 nia, somemore so many color to choose from and got 10 years warranty lei! 

Woo DRI-Fit for char-bo $4.90 nia! Outside sell more than $10 lol

Soccer ball $5.90 nia! Buy home and train to be david beckem la

Fishing rod $6.90 nia!!!

 Wonder if Micheal jordon uses this $5.90 ball sia, hahah

Wear your bikini and go under the sun and play volleyball $7.90 la, jio uncle go also lei!

Woah! Want become green arrow anot or hawk eye ! Test yr marksmanship with this $29.90 bow! Very good quality lei!

They carry anything and everything sports gear youbwould ever need! Running shoes from $12.90 nia!! Trekking shoes from $19.90! 

If your looking your sport gear! This might be the only stop you ever need!

Lastly would be the infamous Daiso, everything for $2!!

Holloween is coming! Dress up your little princess and prince to cute little pumkins for $2!

Haha this mall have something for everyone! Come on down liao la!


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