Ho Seh Pokemon Hunting place! NO pidgey and rattata!

Pokemon Go just released this Saturday at our lion city sio! Of course Uncle like me must folo play la

BUT Wat Lau at my area (serangoon) how come so bad de only got the jiao jiao (birdy) and the niao ci (rat). Best is evee nia lo

So i sianz 1/2 decided to go ION orchard, waaa everybody down there catching ah!

But also all the niao niao pokemon !

Than i decided to head down to Botanic Garden!

Waa think i hit THE JACKPOT SIO!


Wartortle happily dancing at me sia! Want to catch but my balls cannot make it sia, zhao liao, keke

Alright Rydon near “Swinging Gal”

Wooo Thats the right way la, Botanic garden must have buldbasaur!

Tentacool, is so cool sio!

Aiyo 7th month liao dun suddenly pop up at Bontanic Garden lei!

Slow poke poke poke…

Two head jiao are better than one head pigey lol!

Talk to my hand clefairy =p

See wat see sia u!
After a day of adventuring, lets call it a day!

Everybody mai dan alr, next weekend, gather your friends and families, come down gotcha catch ’em all !

Air is fresh, many things to see and learn on the way! Its physically and mentally stimulating!

But remember to bring umbrellas and also water ah!

Also powerbanks! Mai half way got Blastiose yr phone flat! Sure u ai wan ah!

How to get there?

By Bus/MRT

By bus alighting at Napier/Holland Road (Tanglin Gate)

  • SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174,174e
  • SMRT 75, 77, 106, NR8
  • Nearest MRT Station : Orchard MRT (North-South Line) and a 5-min bus ride to Tanglin Gate

By bus alighting at Bukit Timah/Dunearn Road (Bukit Timah Gate or Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden)

  • SBS Transit 48, 66, 151, 153, 154, 156, 170
  • SMRT 67, 171
  • Nearest MRT Station : Botanic Gardens MRT Station (Circle Line & Downtown Line)

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