rocks again free data National day! Better than m1, starhubs, Singtel!

Always run low on data, OMG, the 3 major teleco decided to give unlimited data on 8th August National day!

When everybody went heads over heels! amazed us again with 2gb free data till end of 2016!!! Thats 10gb free!!

For uncle like me, 2gb every month sound like a better lobang sio

Got unlimited data for one day so what ah? Watch youtube ah? Download ahem torrent? Wink* wink* 

Phone battery also tabulet tahan la

Readers you decide, do comment on what you want do with your unlimited data for the day? Cheers!

Also the promo is still on for circles life if you sign before 14th August!

No contracts, hassles free, Unlimited whatsapp data! Free ID caller! You don’t sign ai wan la!

Use this referral code below to get more free data when signing up!


Details on NDP promo!

National day

Don’t say ho liao i bo jio ah!


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