Taiwan snacks ordering website u cannot miss!

Nowadays ah internet very tok kong already, everything also can buy online lo!

Usually I don’t share my source, but good stuff must share la!

See the TV, those Taiwan celebs taste the makan drooling liao right but dunno where to get them right?!

Let Ang tell you how to get some of them, and my review, you will love me sio! Kekeke

First stop

BMT or reservist tired of your boring maggi mee? Wife today no mood to cook?

Nevermind la, got sosoon gobal for all your Taiwan noodle supply sio!

Waa, featured on 康熙来了 sia! You can youtube it! So i tell myself die die must try ! Took about less than 5 days to arrived.

Emm, ordered the scallion, taste wise is good la, but hor taste like indomee sia.

The noodle damn power, very springy, imagine myojo instant mee pok and kopitiam ban mian have a baby! Shiok!

$9.90 for 4pax w free shipping! Worth it la!

Zeng noodles seriously one of the weirdest shaping noodles i’ve even eaten!

Taiwan 美食大三通,the host recommend noodle must be good man! Even the packaging got his face sia!

This noodle must cook longer, sorry it doesn’t comes with Hotdog and egg, haha.

Ordered the Mala scallion, compare to A-Sha noodle, I prefer this, the flavour seems to be slightly more rich and the noodle texture!

Omg! Dancing sia on my tongue sia! Very thick noodle, really like eating Mala dried ban main!

$11 to $10 for 4 packets!

Temporary that’s all for my review from this qoo10 shop, they do have tons of other ho Liao.I cannot eat anymore instant noodle la, uncle bo hair Liao!



If you love Taiwan Snacks, you will love this website and thank me for telling you or blame me for not telling u early, haha
They got alot of good stuff, but you must be ready to pay la, cause it ain’t cheap!

Lee Yi sun biscuit, emm how do I described it…

When you eat ah prepare a news paper to hold the bits oh

Texture very flaky and with a strong taste of milk powder on the pastry.

Fillings abit sweet for my taste.

Chia The very famous in Taiwan! Usually people who go Taipei will bring this back to Singapore!

I prefer this more than Lee Yi as the fillings are less sweet and have more more texture to it!

Chiate pineapple tarts, one of the best pineapple tarts I’ve ever eaten!

Pastry got a very nice milky taste and it melts in your mouth!

Fillings is full of chunky sweet pineapples.

Makes you want to pop non stop lol!

P.s: Sosoon also got carry this product.

Forgot about the payment methods liao, shipping takes bout 5 to 7days. Must eat fast fast ah! Handmade pastry shelf life super short!

They also got lots of stuff to buy, shipping is by weight, you can share with your friends or family yo!

That’s all for my review today! Will update more if I found better website worth mentioning ya


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