Hoseiliao, Play Pokemon GO with pokestops & Gyms in Singapore or any countries! PC only ah!


Good News Man! Pokemon GO is coming to Singapore SOON?!! but if you bei tahan alr ah (cannot stand anymore), come lets play together now la. Very simple bypass method sio!



I never anyhow bomb ah, this is the actual screenshot of my game, cannot show you my ID la, Scarly people bao to (snitch).


First ah, you need to go Bluestack.com download and install the android emulator. Than go my dropbox link and unpack the files.




After that ah open the emulator, can close the bluestack TV thing, so noisy sia…

press the APK logo, install this 3 app first,

  • Kingoroot
  • luckypatcher
  • pokemongo


Than open kingoroot and root your emulator! it will prompt you something like root successfully or something likedat.


Now its time to install fakegps but using luckypatcher instead! move fakegps into your windows pictures folders. Press Rebuild & install at the bottom of the lucky patcher.

Look for the folder SDcard > Windows > Pictures > Fakegps.apk

after you click on Fakegps.apk, Install it as a system app

Now your 80% completed !!


Now look at the top right hand of your bluestack software, press the gear thingy for setting > Location > Make sure its On and the mode its on High Accuracy.


Time to play! open luckypatcher you might not be able to see fake GPS, click on the Search button at the bottom left, then the filters button will pop up at the top right

Press Filters>Select System apps

Than you will see Fakegps > open it!

Now your ready for POKEMON GO!!!

Choose your location from fake GPS, Usually i will search somewhere in London, server seems to be more stable!

Than press the android tab, and your ready to play!!

Do note, you need repeat the fake location process everytime you off bluestack.






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