Everything $2! Dun say bo jio! Hello kitty fans must see sio! Tokutokuya, the next daiso 

In Singapore everything also raised but our pocket money bo increase lei!

But mai huan hou (no worries), let ang intro you good stuff at cheap cheap price!!

New Japan’s Store, same concept as the Famous daiso but way more things than Daiso wor!

Located upstairs of S11 the building beside amk hub, very easy find.

Wat lau food court now also expensive, uncle like me where got money makan(eat), all this ho liao instant noodles for only $2!! All imported from Japan!! My favourite is the mayo, it comes with mayo packet for you to squeeze inside!

Thirsty ah? Why not try these Japanese glass bottle, marble pop soda “Ramune” alot flavours to choose from! They also got sibei cold version in their chiller at no additional charge!

Waa so many tibits to choose from! Siao liao la!

Hello kitty chocolate for u or for yr dear dear on Valentine’s day la, $2 only!

Here comes the powerfull item! Want your lau po or girlfriend cook for you rite?! Buy all this Hello Kitty kitchen tools and utensils! She everyday cook for u until u fat fat sio! The egg beater so cute sia!

Heng ah, my wife not with me. Or my pocket pok liao! Anyway $2 nia also not that exp la, buy all also  $100 note got change, tell her take everything u pay la, she will be sibei hui hee (very happy). But than say likedat birthday, valentine, christmas, anniversary don’t need give present liao rite? Kekeke

Don’t like Hello Kitty ah? Nvm still got backup! My melody and gang!


Old school snoopy also got sia

Mason jar for your rolled oats? $2

Dun like rolled oats? How bout pancakes and rice balls for breakfast?

Waaa collagen drink sia, $2 make your skin swee swee la

Cosplay or toys for your kids? Don’t poke yr eyes out ah!

Hahah, i only managed to take a portion of the shop! Take pictures here and there alot people staring at me sia! They also carry electronics, household items and many more, mia dan liao (don’t wait already) come down now!! There’s something for everyone!


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