Don Don Donki a uncle review

Yoz all the yandao and chio char bor!! Long time no update my blog, hahah Uncle Ang ish back Liao!

Been sibei busy lo, anyway today I decided to go to the 24Hrs Japan Thrift Store Don Don Donki, waaa shiok sia, alot of makan and ho Liao, so I as a lobang uncle must share with you all la!!

Must get item there!! Freshly bake Japanese sweet potato, $2 nia

You buy raw one from there need $4.90

But hor must be ready to queue ah, and the moment it’s out, people snatch Liao, so must chop chop queue!!

The smell of freshly baked sweet potatoes filled up the shopping area, smell already saliva also drop out ah!

Potatoes are dam shiok! Piping hot and the flesh simply melts in your mouth, sibei smooth and very little veins!!

After you cha(eat) finish your tok gong(powerful) you energy up Liao like ultraman ready to phew phew go shopping Liao, they have a lot of sibei rare stuff that you normally don’t see la

Raw packet ready to eat shoyu ramen at $7.90 nia lei, you anyhow go restaurant eat ah $11 to $15 lei, somemore at home shake leg eat!!

Wow this one not bad sia, heard of cheese cake, how bout unbaked cheese cake, nice sia!! $17.80, abit exp la but how once awhile must pamper yourself ma, not everyday can see lei

Apart from that rare find, they have tons of different Bento, too bad I came abit late la, sad… All almost bo Liao, here are some still available. Ohya those who goes on diet can try their fruit sandwiches sio, sure slim down lol

Christmas coming want feel atas for your guest not? Buy this salmon la, what super wuhua sia!! See the price!!

Wagyu beef also available at super duper reasonable price sia!! Look at the marbling!! Chinese New eat steamboat also buy together la 

Dun say bo jio ah!! Wahaha heard of takoyaki right? How bout sibei tau (big) takoyaki!!! Like 8 cm sia !!

Also dun miss out on the croquettes!!

$7.90 nia!! Alot sia

Wat lao so many thing to see sia!! No time take pictures, here are some other special stuff, drip kopi ! $5.50 for 24 packs nia lei, outside one cup $2 to $3 Liao!!!

Also dun forget the rice mix at $1.70 nia outside sell $2 to $3

Don’t wait Liao la, this is just the tip of the iceberg, hurry go down now!!

It’s located at 

Orchard Central, B1 & B2, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238896

24hours one, now take grab or uber la!! Gogogogo


City Sq Mall! Best Deals! Giant curry rice, sports gear and more!

City Square mall located at 180 Kitchener Rd, may look like your usual mall, but don’t say uncle bei steady bo jio! There’s some hidden gems and bargains u dunno sio!

Th first hidden gem is GOEN Japenese UDON noodles. Located at lv 4 food republic, they serve very wu hua/big (value for money) portions of curry rice, cheaper than monster curry!

Look at their price! Waa so cheap compare with other japenese restaurant! 

Haben eat already drool liao!

Ordered the tonkatsu omelette curry rice, so big plate and so much meat for $9.90 nia! Add one potato croquettes for only $1 ! Good buy la! Enuff for 2 person sio!!

The Tonkatsu tasted great, its quite moist and not overly cooked. Egg is smooth and silky. Curry is just nice!!

Now got competition! Do you dare challenge anot?!

Another gem is Decathon located at Lv2, its like your usual sport gear shop but half the price!

WAA! Mini backpack for $3.90 nia, somemore so many color to choose from and got 10 years warranty lei! 

Woo DRI-Fit for char-bo $4.90 nia! Outside sell more than $10 lol

Soccer ball $5.90 nia! Buy home and train to be david beckem la

Fishing rod $6.90 nia!!!

 Wonder if Micheal jordon uses this $5.90 ball sia, hahah

Wear your bikini and go under the sun and play volleyball $7.90 la, jio uncle go also lei!

Woah! Want become green arrow anot or hawk eye ! Test yr marksmanship with this $29.90 bow! Very good quality lei!

They carry anything and everything sports gear youbwould ever need! Running shoes from $12.90 nia!! Trekking shoes from $19.90! 

If your looking your sport gear! This might be the only stop you ever need!

Lastly would be the infamous Daiso, everything for $2!!

Holloween is coming! Dress up your little princess and prince to cute little pumkins for $2!

Haha this mall have something for everyone! Come on down liao la!

Taiwan snacks ordering website u cannot miss!

Nowadays ah internet very tok kong already, everything also can buy online lo!

Usually I don’t share my source, but good stuff must share la!

See the TV, those Taiwan celebs taste the makan drooling liao right but dunno where to get them right?!

Let Ang tell you how to get some of them, and my review, you will love me sio! Kekeke

First stop

BMT or reservist tired of your boring maggi mee? Wife today no mood to cook?

Nevermind la, got sosoon gobal for all your Taiwan noodle supply sio!

Waa, featured on 康熙来了 sia! You can youtube it! So i tell myself die die must try ! Took about less than 5 days to arrived.

Emm, ordered the scallion, taste wise is good la, but hor taste like indomee sia.

The noodle damn power, very springy, imagine myojo instant mee pok and kopitiam ban mian have a baby! Shiok!

$9.90 for 4pax w free shipping! Worth it la!

Zeng noodles seriously one of the weirdest shaping noodles i’ve even eaten!

Taiwan 美食大三通,the host recommend noodle must be good man! Even the packaging got his face sia!

This noodle must cook longer, sorry it doesn’t comes with Hotdog and egg, haha.

Ordered the Mala scallion, compare to A-Sha noodle, I prefer this, the flavour seems to be slightly more rich and the noodle texture!

Omg! Dancing sia on my tongue sia! Very thick noodle, really like eating Mala dried ban main!

$11 to $10 for 4 packets!

Temporary that’s all for my review from this qoo10 shop, they do have tons of other ho Liao.I cannot eat anymore instant noodle la, uncle bo hair Liao!


If you love Taiwan Snacks, you will love this website and thank me for telling you or blame me for not telling u early, haha
They got alot of good stuff, but you must be ready to pay la, cause it ain’t cheap!

Lee Yi sun biscuit, emm how do I described it…

When you eat ah prepare a news paper to hold the bits oh

Texture very flaky and with a strong taste of milk powder on the pastry.

Fillings abit sweet for my taste.

Chia The very famous in Taiwan! Usually people who go Taipei will bring this back to Singapore!

I prefer this more than Lee Yi as the fillings are less sweet and have more more texture to it!

Chiate pineapple tarts, one of the best pineapple tarts I’ve ever eaten!

Pastry got a very nice milky taste and it melts in your mouth!

Fillings is full of chunky sweet pineapples.

Makes you want to pop non stop lol!

P.s: Sosoon also got carry this product.

Forgot about the payment methods liao, shipping takes bout 5 to 7days. Must eat fast fast ah! Handmade pastry shelf life super short!

They also got lots of stuff to buy, shipping is by weight, you can share with your friends or family yo!

That’s all for my review today! Will update more if I found better website worth mentioning ya

Everything $2! Dun say bo jio! Hello kitty fans must see sio! Tokutokuya, the next daiso 

In Singapore everything also raised but our pocket money bo increase lei!

But mai huan hou (no worries), let ang intro you good stuff at cheap cheap price!!

New Japan’s Store, same concept as the Famous daiso but way more things than Daiso wor!

Located upstairs of S11 the building beside amk hub, very easy find.

Wat lau food court now also expensive, uncle like me where got money makan(eat), all this ho liao instant noodles for only $2!! All imported from Japan!! My favourite is the mayo, it comes with mayo packet for you to squeeze inside!

Thirsty ah? Why not try these Japanese glass bottle, marble pop soda “Ramune” alot flavours to choose from! They also got sibei cold version in their chiller at no additional charge!

Waa so many tibits to choose from! Siao liao la!

Hello kitty chocolate for u or for yr dear dear on Valentine’s day la, $2 only!

Here comes the powerfull item! Want your lau po or girlfriend cook for you rite?! Buy all this Hello Kitty kitchen tools and utensils! She everyday cook for u until u fat fat sio! The egg beater so cute sia!

Heng ah, my wife not with me. Or my pocket pok liao! Anyway $2 nia also not that exp la, buy all also  $100 note got change, tell her take everything u pay la, she will be sibei hui hee (very happy). But than say likedat birthday, valentine, christmas, anniversary don’t need give present liao rite? Kekeke

Don’t like Hello Kitty ah? Nvm still got backup! My melody and gang!


Old school snoopy also got sia

Mason jar for your rolled oats? $2

Dun like rolled oats? How bout pancakes and rice balls for breakfast?

Waaa collagen drink sia, $2 make your skin swee swee la

Cosplay or toys for your kids? Don’t poke yr eyes out ah!

Hahah, i only managed to take a portion of the shop! Take pictures here and there alot people staring at me sia! They also carry electronics, household items and many more, mia dan liao (don’t wait already) come down now!! There’s something for everyone!